Hearings set for serious felony cases in Fernley

A Fernley man charged with lewdness waived his preliminary hearing this week, while a convicted sex-offender charged with lewdness and another man who allegedly posed as a police officer, had their cases set for preliminary hearings in justice court there.

According to Fernley Justice Court records:

• Kenneth William Brown waived his hearing on Tuesday. Brown is charged with lewdness with a child under 14. According to the criminal complaint, Brown allegedly fondled a 10-year-old boy on Nov. 24.

• A date of May 8 has been set for the preliminary hearing of Steven Michael Kinford.

Kinford is charged with one count of lewdness with a child, and one count of failing to register as a sex-offender. According to the criminal complaint, Kinford allegedly molested a 1-year-old girl on Oct. 18.

• A preliminary hearing will be held Tuesday for Ryan Gabriel Salvador on charges of robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, intimidating a public officer with a threat of physical force, impersonating an officer and carrying a concealed weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, Salvador robbed a person at gunpoint of their wallet, keys and cell phone on Beach 7 at Lake Lahontan on May 28, 2006. A second complaint alleges that on April 13, Salvador, identifying himself as a police officer, detained four juveniles in the parking lot of Scolari's in Fernley and pointed a gun at them.


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