Ever wonder where Martians vacation?

Photo illustration by Phil Wooley/Nevada Appeal

Photo illustration by Phil Wooley/Nevada Appeal

This Nevada Day, the streets of Carson City will play host to a different group of visitors. You could call them tourists, they have come a long way to get here - a really long way.

Looking to add some fun to the celebration of the state's anniversary, the committee selected a theme based around one of Nevada's most infamous locations, Area 51. The official theme is "Mysteries of Nevada - Area 51."

Nevada Day Inc. announced the theme for the 2007 Nevada Day Parade on Thursday.

"The last couple of years (the theme) was more on the serious side. It has been a while since Nevada Day kicked up its heals," said Reg Creasey, Nevada Day Inc. president.

The 2007 parade is scheduled for Oct. 27, with more than 200 entries expected to take part.

"In the past we have always had a good turnout with a lot of creativity. We are hoping to see people really take hold of this theme and do that again," Creasey said.

The applications for the parade will become available in early August, but several groups have already expressed interest in participating again.

"We expect the Burning Man (committee) to be back. The house on wheels they brought last year was a big hit," Creasey said.

Overall, the committee hopes those participating find a variety of ways to represent the theme.

"The committee is open to the possibilities this provides. We are hoping to see ideas that nobody is expecting," Creasey said.

Some might even say, out of this world.

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What is Area 51?

Area 51 is a 6-by-10-mile strip of land in Southern Nevada owned by the U.S. Air Force. The site is known by a variety of names, including Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3, Dreamland, Watertown Strip, Paradise Ranch or The Box and Groom Lake.

The site contains an airfield. Its primary purpose is believed to be the secret development and testing of new military aircraft.

Area 51 has become famous as part of many UFO conspiracy theories.


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