Time for Lyon commissioners to offer answers

We were surprised to hear that once again Lyon County commissioners will consider firing manager Donna Kristaponis after a similar attempt in September was headed off by an incredible show of support from county residents and employees.

The most amazing thing about that spectacle was that not once did the commissioners who pushed for the firing explain why they wanted to get rid of Kristaponis. Instead, they sat silent as speaker after speaker extolled the things that she has accomplished.

That's why we're not saddened to see it on the agenda again, this time for the Thursday meeting. This time, commissioners must tell their constituents why they believe Kristaponis is doing such a poor job.

As a matter of fact, they probably ought to tell her as well, because she doesn't have a clue.

Will they have the courtesy to do that? We're hopeful.

The commissioners also ought to do what they voted on after the first time, hiring a facilitator to mediate differences between the manager and the board. They later canceled the contract with the facilitator, thumbing their noses at the people who spoke at the first meeting.

We're certain many of the same people from the first meeting will attend the Thursday meeting to defend Kristaponis, who has a resumé of accomplishments from much larger municipalities and possesses the kinds of skills a rapidly growing county requires.

The commissioners ought to listen to their constituents. If they don't, those constituents should give serious consideration to firing some people on their own.


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