A college by any other name may be sweeter

Does it matter whether you're a graduate of Western Nevada Community College or from Western Nevada College?

In terms of what you've learned, of course not. It won't make a difference at all.

But will it matter to employers sifting through dozens of resum├ęs looking for any excuse to narrow down their choices?

It just might, which is why the term "community" is being dropped from institutions all over the country.

One of them is the Community College of Southern Nevada, where the student body president noted there is a stigma to having been educated at a "community college," as opposed to a school that carried the title of college or university.

That's just one reason WNCC should consider shedding one of its "C's."

The school has lofty ambitions and is now offering its first bachelor's degree. It's even fielding an impressive baseball team, both of which are precocious accomplishments for a small community college.

For WNCC, dropping one of its letters won't be a simple matter. Just imagine all the business cards, stationery, publications and other materials that will have to change. Those things cost money.

On the other hand, it's a move that would add value for its graduating students, and that should be the most important consideration for making the change.


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