Developer denied master plan amendment request for Mound House project

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YERINGTON - Despite the support of the Lyon County Planning Department staff, developer Phil Cowee may have to wait for the final master plan to begin a proposed development in Mound House.

The Lyon County Planning Commission on Tuesday denied a master-plan amendment that would change 39.95 acres from industrial to a combination of commercial, high-density residential and business office/trailer park designations.

The proposal will go before the Lyon County Commissioners on Feb. 6.

Cowee said the main objective of Diamondback Properties, the owners of record, was to provide affordable housing in an area where jobs are so workers could live nearby.

"This is going to make a cohesive development in an industrial area," he said. "We want to get away from strip commercial along the highway. By developing it, we can attract more workers."

He added that many employers in Mound House were having difficulty attracting high-skilled workers, and the availability of housing may bring a larger, qualified labor force.

The developers would make the intersection to Highway 50 at Newman Lane and extend Newman Lane north to Calcite Drive, and then extend Calcite Drive east to Cash Street, making another east-west traffic alternative to Highway 50. He also said they would bring water and sewer service to the park from Lyon County Utilities.

One resident wrote the planning commission objecting to the trailer-park plans, but the commissioners were more concerned about high-density residential surrounded by industrial uses.

Commissioner Ray Fierro said high-density residential was not compatible with industrial, as more people will be affected by industrial uses. He also said it was not good for business to have homes nearby.

Commissioners Ray Johnson and Virgil Arellano also expressed concerns about the high-density residential plans, but not the trailer park, since there were already trailer developments in the area.

"We do have a master plan we are trying to complete," Fierro said.

Commissioner Chuck Davies reminded Cowee the master plan completion is 18 months to two years away, but Cowee indicated he had heard that before.

"It's all well and good to talk about a master plan that will be done in the future," he said. "Two years ago we talked about a land-use map. Sewer studies have already been done. If we wait for the master plan, it could be another two years."

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