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Probably the most valuable tool available to those who want to follow the Legislature is the Web site, which can be accessed either through or directly at

The site is one of the most comprehensive in the nation and, in fact, won a national award for the information it provides from the Center for Digital Government. Even better, everything except for fancy personalized bill and issue tracking, is free.

The list of features on the right side of the page gives access to a continuously updated calendar of all legislative meetings and, below that, a link to listen or watch and listen to ongoing meetings live. NOTE: If you don't have a high-speed connection, better stick with just listening to the meeting you want. Another link allows people to find out who represents them in the Senate and Assembly.

Most of the links are self explanatory but Andy Harvey, who runs the site for the Legislative Counsel Bureau says those interested in one or more specific issues should take a look at personalized bill tracking. There are five options ranging from a $500 account which allows unlimited tracking and notification services to free accounts for people who just need to track 10 or fewer bills. The big difference is paid account users get automatic daily e-mail updates, reports and hearing notifications while free account users have to log in to their account to check things.

For those of you who want to make your voice heard on an issue, there's "Share your opinion." Harvey said your comments will be forwarded to the appropriate lawmakers and, without your name attached, posted on the site for others to read.

On the left side are links to session information, the law library - including a searchable copy of Nevada Revised Statutes, Nevada agency regulations and even Nevada Supreme Court opinions as well as general information. Harvey said the counsel bureau is expanding the information available and now provides bills, their histories and committee minutes all the way back to 1985 under session information.

Search functions allow users to find bills past and present dealing with certain subjects, bills changing specific sections of law and bills containing a specific phrase among others.

If you have Internet, especially high speed, the site is well worth spending some time exploring. It is updated continuously - often within minutes after an action occurs.

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