Children's Home cottages now vacant too

When Health and Human Services agencies moved out of the Kinkead Building, they found their new offices on Technology Way had room for the Division of Child and Family Services as well.

That meant the old cottages at the former Children's Home on Fifth Street could be abandoned.

Health and Human Services officials say the cottages, which once housed orphans and other children in the custody of the state, are now empty.

The cottages are some 70 years old and, like the Kinkead Building, scheduled for demolition. The Public Works Board budget requests $800,000 to demolish the cottages and clear the Fifth Street property for future state use.

But Deputy Health and Human Resources Director Mike Torvinen said the department plans to ask that one cottage be saved. He said with their new offices several miles away in northeast Carson City near the golf course and shooting range, it would be nice to have a place to go and do some work between hearings during the 2007 Legislature.

- Appeal Capitol Bureau


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