A day to celebrate the American dream of home ownership

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DAYTON - Partnership was the theme, both in word and in the presence of those gathered Saturday for Citizens for Affordable Homes, Inc.'s, fifth annual observance of National Homeownership Month.

The ceremonies marked the completion of the last phase of homes, and acknowledged the hard work underway.

Each of the people building homes underscored how, without this program, they would not have been able to achieve the "American Dream of Homeownership."

"If I didn't get such a kick out of seeing people get into their homes, I wouldn't have been with CAHI for so many years," said Al Kramer, who has served CAHI in many capacities throughout his tenure. "Since I came on board, we've built 121 homes and we can see down the road, to where we're building 50 homes a year."

Kramer was presented with a certificate for his years of service.

Saturday's event included the Nevada National Guard's Color Guard and was attended by Assemblyman Tom Grady and Yolanda Banuelos of Sen. Harry Reid's office and one-time CAHI chairperson.

"We know (the families) sacrifice a lot of time (in the home building process," Banuelos said. "But we know everything good has to be worked for and you've done it. Sen. Reid is very proud of you."

Grady noted that this is not a "give away program," but is rather the opportunity to build homes and communities and is well-earned.

"We are proud of you," Grady said.

Also on hand, was Bill McHale of Irwin Union Bank, Indianapolis, Ind., and local manager, Greg Nixon. The financial partnership between CAHI and Irwin Union Bank, has privatized funding that in the past was needed from USDA Rural Development. Irwin has worked with Fannie Mae to provide the financing for current and future self-help home building.

Tim Angello of Harley Davidson Financial Services and Eagle Mark Savings Bank was on hand to present the move-in packages provided by those entities, to the families. Angello was recently elected to CAHI's board and spoke about volunteerism and the importance of being "the pebble that causes the ripple effect."

Following that theme, was Cynthia Jones, of Jones Allstate Insurance, who will be giving new home builders the tools they need to start their construction jobs.


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