Whitten appointed Storey's first county manager

Pat Whitten got a promotion to Storey County manager, but no pay increase.

County commissioners voted Tuesday to reclassify Whitten's position from director of administration and budget to county manager.

Commissioner John Flanagan said no change in pay went with the new title, but Whitten would probably receive an increase later.

"It will be after the new fiscal year starts," he said. "It's going to have to be budgeted. You can't do much in the middle of the year."

Flanagan said the new title gives Whitten more direct responsibility for the nonelected department heads.

"Department heads will go through him instead of calling a commissioner," Flanagan said. "Before, it was kind of nebulous who they were supposed to answer to."

Marilou Walling, county administrative officer, said it was a reclassification of Whitten's position and the job did not have to be advertised.

"It gives him a stronger position; the department heads can go to him instead of bringing everything to the commissioners," she said. "But the commissioners will have the final say on things."

Sheriff Jim Miller said Whitten has been the go-to guy for department heads even before the change.

"He's been a big supporter for everyone and getting everyone to work together," Miller said. "The commissioners really rely on him and he's got a lot of trust and loyalty. He's loyal to this community and that board."

Miller said the change was needed.

"There are not many counties that don't have a county manager," he said. "One thing Pat brings is his willingness to work selflessly seven days a week to make sure this community is getting the service they deserve."

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