Racing Q&A

Racing Q&A

Writer Jim Utter answers fans' NASCAR-related questions:

Q: How do you get a copy of the rule book for NASCAR?

A: NASCAR rulebooks are not available to the general public - only to holders of a NASCAR license and members of the media, upon request.

Q: It's obvious how the lugs and wheels are

removed in pit stops, but how are the lugs attached to the replacement wheels so that the tire man can immediately tighten them on the car?

A: The lugnuts are glued in place so they are already set when the tire changer is ready to tighten them.

Q: Why does the number on the roof of virtually every NASCAR race vehicle face the infield? Wouldn't it be better for the fans if the number faced the grandstands?

A: Numbers on the roofs of cars are placed there for the use of team spotters and NASCAR officials. At most tracks, spotters are located somewhere near the start/finish line. The numbers allow them to locate their cars while they are traveling the backstretch and the turns.

Q: What happens if a team wrecks its primary and backup cars?

A: In some instances the team will elect to try to repair one or the other. Some teams have had a third car brought to the track from their shop. As a last resort, a backup car from a teammate or another team running the same manufacturer could be used.


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