Three cited for buying teens alcohol

Three people were cited this week for buying alcohol for minors during a "Shoulder Tap Operation," conducted by the Carson City Sheriff's Department.

Deputy Jarrod Adams said two underage female decoys waited outside various convenience and liquor stores on Tuesday and asked 27 people to buy alcohol for them.

"The decoys would tell the people that they are not old enough to buy alcohol and the store won't sell to them," Adams said. "If the people agree, then the decoys would give them money to purchase the alcohol."

Twenty-four people refused the request, but three did not.

Ronnell Sargent, 23, and Martin Serrto-Rivera, 27, both of Carson City, and Luis Cabrera-Villanueva, 21, of Kings Beach, all allegedly purchased alcohol for the juvenile decoys and then gave it to them. Each was cited by a deputy and issued a $632 ticket, Adams said.

"Juvenile alcohol abuse is a real problem, and we all need to do our part to keep kids off alcohol," he said. "If a kid asks you to buy alcohol for them, don't do it. You may get a $632 ticket."


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