Carson students bring home the gold from Science Olympiad

A team of Carson Middle School students recently took part in the Science Olympiad competition in Las Vegas. Despite limited time to prepare for the competition's 22 categories, the team managed to medal in 10 of them and finished in the top five in another six.

The strong finishes by the students also garnered them a third-place finish overall. Hyde Park Middle School in Las Vegas took first and Coral Academy in Reno finished second. Here is a list of how the students fared:

• Anatomy - Fourth

Vanessa Brown and Nick Hummel

• Awesome Aquifer - Silver

Ben Drozdoff and Lucas Johnson

• Bottle Glide Launcher - Gold

CeCe Dietlein and Mali Hanks

• Tower Building - Silver

Mohamad Sayafi and Sashank Kandhadai

• Disease Detectives - Fourth

Vanessa Brown

• Don't Bug Me - Fourth

Dillon Winkelman and Ben Drozdoff

• Meteorology - Fourth

Mali Hanks

• Mission Possible - Gold

Sean and Lucas Johnson, Ben Drozdoff

• Oceanography - Bronze

Mohamed Sayafi

• Road Scholar - Silver

Connor Farrell and Lue Vang

• Rocks and Minerals - Silver

Dillon Winkelman and Ben Drozdoff

• Science Crime Busters - Fourth

Nick Hummel and Dillon Winkelman

• Science Word - Silver

Connor Farrell and Lue Vang

• Solar System - Bronze

Lucas Johnson and Nick Hummel

• Storm the castle - Fourth

Sean Johnson and Sashank Kandhadai

• Wheeled vehicle - Silver

Mali Hanks and CeCe Dietlein

Carson High School also sent a team of students to the competition. Eight out of the nine students who went received medals in at least one event. The group received two gold medals, which went to Michael Smith and Stephanie Dodge for Sounds of Music. Michael "Bob" Schuler received the most medals with three, with silver medals in Write it/Do It and Rocks and Minerals and a bronze in Scrambler.

Other awards:

• Write It/Do It - Silver

Ariel Sanchez

• Scrambler - Silver

Sam White

• Chemistry - Silver

Chris Robertson

• Forensics - Silver

Robert Reed


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