Republican caucus brings relevance to Nevada

It looks like Nevada will have two caucuses on Jan. 19, now that the state's Republican Party leaders have come out in support of moving up the Republican event.

It's a smart move for Republicans, but the Democrats must be smiling with the realization of how much power they suddenly wield in the Silver State.

It was the Democrats who first had the foresight to move up their caucus and look at what's happened. The state has attracted all of the big-name presidential candidates, who now must provide answers to Western issues.

All of that attention has had the state's Republicans stewing in the background and finally prompted them to take action.

It only makes sense for the Republicans to counter the Democrats' new aggressiveness. You have to admire the guts of state party's leaders, who are making the move despite the cost - losing half of their delegates to the national convention. The Republican National Committee has a rule preventing states from selecting presidential delegates before Feb. 5.

It demonstrates that there's life in Nevada Republicans. Most importantly, it's likely to be a good move for the state, making our caucuses second in the nation to vote for the field of candidates in each party.

Who knows, it might even bring Rudy, John and Mitt to Northern Nevada.


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