Eliminators take second in Sagebrush

The Carson Valley Eliminators under-12 girls soccer team had quite an experience this past weekend on its way to taking second in Reno's Sagebrush Tournament.

When the championship game began, one of the team's players hadn't arrived. The coaches were then informed that Katiya Resney was in an automobile accident and was care flighted to Renown Medical with her father, Russel Resney. Many of the players had passed the accident scene on Johnson Lane and Stephanie Way on the way to the tournament on Sunday morning, not knowing one of their teammates was involved.

After the game, still in their uniforms all of the players went to Renown Medical to watch coaches Vince Weaver and David Bell present Resney with her medal. All of the players wised her well and is continuing to keep her and her family in their prayers.


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