Fishing was fantastic at Convict Lake, Calif.

LAKE ALMANOR, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500): As of Nov. 8: Trolling by the dam produced brown trout and a few rainbows as did the Rec. 1 area. Scented nightcrawlers, crickets, roe and jigs are all good options here.

BLUE LAKES AREA, CALIF: Dave Kirby of the Woodfords Station (530-694-2930): It was a nippy 24 degrees this morning (Monday). Two fishermen were at Upper Blue on Saturday (one caught his limit and the other caught 3). I think that the Blue Lakes Road is now closed, as we had chain controls on S.R. 88 on Sunday morning.

CAPLES LAKE, CALIF: Dave Kirby reported that there were a lot of fishermen on Saturday but not much catching.


East Carson River: Todd Sodaro and Chad Machado of the Carson River Resort (877-694-2229): The water is still holding up as it has been for the last two months. Sunday, a fly fishermen with an orange Nymph was catching fish right in front of our campground. Every day, there are 6-8 cars parked at Hangman's bridge to fish the Trophy Section.

West Carson River: Dave Kirby: The river is up a little and clear.

CONVICT LAKE, CALIF: Launa Strickland at the Convict Lake Resort (800-992-2260): The fishing has been so fantastic this week that we only have enough space to report the 7 pound and larger catches! You just have to go to our Fish Gallery to see the three dozen 4-6 pounders recorded this week. Mark Zink from Lakewood, CA hauled in a big and beautiful 7 lb. 11 oz. Rainbow this week using yellow Power Bait on the South Shore. Everything is working well, especially on the South Shore & at the Inlet: Nightcrawlers, Power Bait, Jigs and gold Kastmaster lures were the best bets. Tim Alpers will be stocking Trophy Trout until the end of the season. Come get yours!

CROWLEY LAKE AREA, CALIF: Steve Osterman of Performance Anglers of Mammoth Lakes (760) 924-2181:

Crowley Lake: Main gate is now closed but the lake is still open to fishing. The north arm, Leighton Springs and Sandy Point are fishing well. Try black/red Zebra Midges, Stevie's Wonder black/gray for Midging and streamer fishing with full sink lines with olive Matukas, Zonkers and purple Woolly Buggers .

Hot Creek: Water flow is 5 CFS. Fishing here is good. Small black Caddis and Midges on the surface. Brassies, WD-40's and Pheasant Tails under the surface.

DAVIS LAKE, CALIF: The lake, its shorelines, all its tributaries, all land upslope of these water bodies to the ridge tops of the Freeman Creek watershed, and all campgrounds, boat launches, and day use sites in the Davis Lake Recreation Area are now closed for the eradication of Northern Pike. This closure will remain in effect until the tributaries and Davis Lake are found to be free of rotenone constituents.

EAGLE LAKE, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500): As of Nov. 8: Fishing continues to be very good, though the weights came down a bit. The best bait this week was a 2Ðinch brown grub but watermelon, orange and amber were also popular. Fish close in early and then move out. Fish are on the move, feeding, so keep moving if your bite goes off.

FRENCHMAN RESERVOIR, CALIF: Wiggin's Trading Post at Chilcoot, Calif. (530-993-4683): The fishing has been a little spotty this week. Some fishermen have reported doing well at the dam while others report the fishing is slow. Most are catching a fish or two. Float nightcrawlers for best results.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR, CALIF: Dave Kirby reported that the reservoir continues to produce fish. Be patient and you will get your limit. Power Bait and worms are working, with worms being the best. Nothing big.

JUNE LAKE LOOP, CALIF: Steven Osterman: Same as Mammoth Lakes Basin. Try Silver Lake or Grant Lake at the Rush Creek inlet. Try Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams and stimulators.

LAHONTAN RESERVOIR, NEV: Missy Swain and Shirley at Burke's Market at Silver Springs (775-577-2750): The water is very low. We advise you to fish from shore.

MAMMOTH LAKES BASIN, CALIF: Steven Osterman: The local lakes are fishing well. Lake Mary and Upper Twin are fishing well with streamer patterns like Zonkers, Woolly Buggers and Marabou Leeches.

OWENS RIVER, CALIF: Steven Osterman:

Upper Owens: Water flow 87 CFS. Fly fishing is great. Most standard Nymph patterns are working well. Some dry fly action with small Adams or BWO's. The crowds on the river continue to be huge and fishing space is limited.

Lower Owens: Water flow is 100 CFS. Fishing is good. Fly fishing is very good. The fish are not too picky about the fly but still demand a good presentation. For Nymphing, try Pheasant Tails, Cased Caddis, green rock worms, WD-40's, Prince Nymphs, Hares Ears, Fox's Caddis Poopa and Brassies. On the surface, try Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams and E/C Caddis.

PYRAMID LAKE, NEV: Valerie, Linda and Patsy at Crosby's Lodge at (775) 476-0400: Fishing is still a little quiet. The biggest fish last week was 8-pounds, 6-ounces (28 inches). It was caught by Pat Perman of Reno using a rainbow Herring at Spider Point. We also had a 7-pounder and two 5-pounders checked in.

PYRAMID LAKE, NEV: George and Carla Molino of the Pyramid Lake Store at (775) 476-0555: Some fish being caught. It's been up and down, on and off. Nothing consistent. The fishing has not been as good as it was last year at this time. George (Cutthroat Charters) took some boy scouts out on Saturday and they had fun catching fish.

PYRAMID LAKE, NEV: Tim Wilson of the Pyramid Lake Marina and RV Park at (775) 476-1156: Fishing has picked up, but it is still not as good as it was last year, at this time. The boaters are doing much better. They are using Apex and Flatfish lures. The fly fishermen are using Woolly Bugger flies. There are some big fish coming in (8-10 pounders), but they are scattered all over the lake.

PYRAMID LAKE, NEV: Chris and Jeri Grellman of Sparks of Hog Charters (358-5199): We are catching fish, 12 feet deep in 30-40 feet of water, along the shore. They are catching fish anywhere at the lake, even across on the other side. We caught more fish last week than any other week, so far this season.

PYRAMID LAKE, NEV: Jim Hartfiel of Just Rite Fishing at Pyramid Lake at (775) 575-7850 (home) or (775) 813-3411 (Cell): Yesterday (Sunday), we got 12 fish with over half of them in the 22-24 inch class. We were trolling close to shore at a depth of 12 feet in 20 feet of water. We were trolling Apex lures on downriggers along the west shore.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, CALIF: Dave Jacobs (Professional Guide Service) (800-355-3113):

Salmon: Some late Fall salmon are beginning to trickle into the Sacramento River system with reports of salmon being caught from Balls Ferry downstream towards Chico. Angler's should see more salmon arrive in the coming weeks. Best bet has been back bouncing sardine wrapped K-15 & K-16 Kwikfish lures in various color combos. Salmon season will continue through mid January.

Trout: Fishing from Redding downstream towards Red Bluff has been excellent this week for wild rainbow trout, 1-2 pounds with larger wild rainbows to 3 pounds occasionally boated. Multiple hook-ups are common with 25-45 rainbows boated per outing being the average for anglers at the right places at the right time. Best bets have been side drifted small hand tied Glo Bugs in various egg color patterns. Some hatchery and wild Steelhead have been caught in the Lower Sacramento River with most Steelhead averaging 2-4 pounds with larger Steelhead 5 pounds or better. Redding to Anderson has been good for trout, and Anderson downstream has been better for trout and Steelhead, with very clear water conditions being experienced up in the Redding area with slightly more colored up water the further angler's move downstream.

SHASTA LAKE, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500): As of Nov. 8: More salmon than trout were taken this week in the top 20 feet, but fish are still scattered. Work the shoreline's top 15 feet for fair results on Hum Dingers or Cripplures in gold/red or nickel/silver. Salmon from 15 to 18 inches were taken from 110 to 150 feet deep on 6-inch Sling Blades, trailing a dark blue or pink Paddle-Tail just off the bottom, over the points. The bass bite held on spoons around trees, Hula grubs and dart-headed worms to 45 feet out and spinnerbaits or topwater tackle closer in. The reaction bite is also slowly returning.

LAKE TAHOE - North Shore: Gene St. Denis of Blue Ribbon Charters and Tahoe Trophy Trout at South Lake Tahoe, Calif. (530-544-6552): The fishing has been very good to excellent. We have been trolling 50-240 feet deep. We locate the fish on the fish finder and then troll in a "Figure Eight" pattern, bouncing the bottom. I've been fishing at Cal-Neva, Dollar Point and Sugar Pine Points.

LAKE TAHOE - South Shore: Gene St. Denis: I've been fishing 50-200 feet deep at Ski Run Shelf and Camp Richardson. Trolling with silver Herring Dodger flasher blades and minnows. Bouncing off the bottom in a serpentine pattern. Macks are small, 2-7 pounds.

LAKE TAHOE - East Shore: Gene St. Denis: Trolling for Mackinaw 60-150 feet deep with flashers and minnows at the Cave Rock Shelf. Some fishermen are toplining along the shore.


East Walker River: The water flow is back up a bit to 59 CFS. Fishing is a bit better but still limited. Prince Nymphs, WD-40's, flashback Pheasant Tails, sparkle Caddis Pupa, Stimulators and E/C Caddis.

WILDHORSE RESERVOIR, NEV: Dennis Dunn, Mark, Rocket and Scott at the Wild Horse Resort (775) 758-6472: Fishermen are catching rainbows (19-21 inches), perch and catfish (up to 4 pounds) by the face of the dam. They are using a double rig with yellow Power Bait on one hook and worms on the other.


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