Suspect in Douglas County heroin sale placed on house arrest

MINDEN - The 19-year-old Gardnerville man who sold black tar heroin to a teenager who was found in a coma in August was placed on house arrest Wednesday.

Randy Isaacs will be required to wear an ankle bracelet with a Global Positioning System while he is living in his parents' home.

Isaacs' attorney Tod Young asked East Fork Justice of the Peace Jim EnEarl to release Isaacs on his own recognizance, saying Isaacs' father had work for him in his tile business.

"He has employment with his father and through his behavior he has earned the court's trust," Young said. "He has a lot of sobriety behind him and his parents are stable people in the community. He is not a danger."

Isaacs completed treatment at Sierra Recovery Center.

However, prosecutor Mike McCormick argued the crimes Isaacs was accused of including selling heroin to a minor should preclude his release.

"How many times have we had someone graduate from treatment and then not show up for court?" he said.

EnEarl told Isaacs he was in very big trouble.

"You got yourself in a jackpot for being 19," EnEarl said. "If you mess this up and are convicted, you're guaranteed to go to prison."

EnEarl ordered that Isaacs appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Nov. 30, at which time it will be determined if there is sufficient evidence against him to proceed to trial.

Isaacs was arrested Aug. 12 after 16-year-old David Philips was found unconscious after smoking heroin Isaacs is accused of selling.

Philips is recovering after waking from the coma.


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