Cost of the war in Iraq could reach $3.5 trillion

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., today released a Joint Economic Committee report on the Iraq War. The report details the hidden costs of the Iraq War, and reveals that the total cost of the war could reach up to $3.5 trillion.

"This report confirms what Nevadans already know: the effects of the Iraq war will reverberate for generations," said Reid, in a press release. "The Joint Economic Report shows that the President's Iraq strategy will cost American taxpayers trillions. The President's war is paid for with borrowed money from foreign countries, and our children and grandchildren will have to foot the bill. The President's war has upset world oil markets, and because of it, Nevadans are paying more at the pump. All told, from 2002 through 2017, the President's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost each and every Nevada family of four $46,300. The American people can no longer afford this war. It is time for the President to stop obstructing and work with the Congress to responsibly end this war."


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