UPDATE: Shooting rumor stirs up students and parents

A report that there would be a shooting at the high school this afternoon is a rumor, police say.

Carson City Sheriff''s Sgt. Mark Marshall said dispatchers received at least two anonymous reports on Thursday.

After conducting several interviews at the school this morning, police determined the threat stemmed from an incident on Thursday near the Rock House at Mills Park, between two male adults, not connected to the school, said Sheriff's Sgt. Mark Marshall.

Sgt. Marshall said the incident was witnessed by students who use that area during breaks.

Some of those students reported seeing one of the two men with a gun, said Marshall, and he believes the retelling of that story became the basis for the shooting rumor at the high school.

Since before 8 a.m. this morning, several uniformed officers have been at the school conducting interviews. Several students had text messaged or called their parents about the rumors, and at least six parents arrived at the school to pick up their children.

The incident remains is under investigation.

According to Sheriff Kenny Furlong at 12 p.m, there have been no weapons found at the school.


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