Business briefcase

Matrix Leadership LLC


Owner: Jojo L. Myers

Her job: She teaches leadership and management skills in Northern Nevada and around Lake Tahoe. The skills include prioritization, communication, balance of personal and professional life, delegation and decision making.

How she does it: She works with the customers over eight weeks in-house and their business.

What managers do wrong: She said people don't manage their time wisely often by holding other people accountable but not themselves. The don't have a plan for how to use their time effectively.

Things that hold people back: People put off large projects and do busy work, for instance, because they feel overwhelmed. She said it's like putting off cleaning out your garage.

How she got the job: She was impressed with the methods of Leadership Management International and took a course from them. She is an associate of the company.

Her background: She grew up in Louisiana, worked in Colorado, and moved to Northern Nevada about two and half months ago. She lives in Dayton.


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