Man shot twice with police Taser

A Carson City man was Tased twice on Thursday night after he resisted police who were called to the area on the report of a man urinating in public.

Kelly Sharp, 42, was booked into the Carson City Jail on suspicion of gross misdemeanor battery on a peace officer and misdemeanor resisting a public officer. Also arrested was Rene Arthur Almanza, 44, on suspicion of gross misdemeanor indecent exposure.

According to the arrest report, a tenant in the 2000 block of College Parkway told dispatchers that a man matching Almanza's description was relieving himself in the bushes near the caller's front door.

When police arrived, they found Almanza and Sharp inside an apartment in which the front door jam had been broken and there was blood on the carpeting.

Almanza was handcuffed without incident, according to the report, but Sharp allegedly jumped up from a chair and attacked one of the officers. Deputy Geoff Rivera shot Sharp with the Taser and police were able to cuff him.

Both men appeared to be grossly intoxicated, according to police, and were taken to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center for an evaluation.

While there, the men became verbally and physically abusive and had to be held down by deputies, the report states.

Sharp became so disruptive when a doctor attempted to remove the barbs from his body from the first Tasing incident, that an officer shot Sharp again, according to the report. Sharp is being held on $2,907 bail. Almanza's bail is set at $2,500.

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