New health columnist premiers today

Let's not talk about the Appeal health and wellness columnist Laura A.B. Brownlee in the usual introduction way. She's not usual. Age, family, education aren't important here. Her new column in the Appeal isn't going to be about knee bends or toe-touches or prescriptions.

She's going to talk about "wellness."

You can find it all around you, she writes confidently.

Her column, "Creating Goodness, Through Wellness," will take you to new places of imagination and health. You'll be better for reading it.

She's a writer, itself a joyous state, discussing such as "Pathways to Wellness." "A Well Community," "Happy and Wellness," "Wellness is ...", "Living Life Joyfully," "Sex, Condoms, and STDs."

Don't be intimidated, but that's just a beginning. She looks at things squarely - but with her own engaging slant.

She describes herself as "outgoing, positive, energetic, ambitious, dedicated, fun." Laura is "a motivator, supporter, connector, listener, lover/hugger and creator of goodness." She loves "walking, hiking, baking, kayaking, hula hooping, biking, volunteering, playing on playgrounds."

Incidentally, she likes gorillas, foot massages, Thursdays (don't ask) rocker Joan Jett and daisies. She has traveled around the world - by the oldest form of transportation, on a ship, with 2,000 shipmates. She was a resident director, overseeing 102 students, on Semester at Sea's Spring 2006 voyage.

Sound like someone you'd like to meet? Well, here's your chance.


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