Tier 3 sex offender registers Carson City address

A high-risk sex offender has registered with the Carson City Sheriff's department as living in the city.

Jerry Craig Jim, 45, registered that he was living on West College Parkway on March 24. It is believed that the managers of the complex in which he was staying with his brother asked him to leave on Monday, said Detective Bob Motamenpour.

Jim has not yet registered a new address with the Sheriff's Department and has until Wednesday to do so, said Motamenpour.

Jim was convicted in 1982 of attempted sexual assault in Verdi and spent time in prison on the charge. In June 2006 he was sent back to prison in Reno for failing to register as a sex offender, according to public records. That sentence expired in February 2008.

Jim has also registered with the state as working on Mary Street in Reno.

"This notification is not intended to increase fear but rather to increase awareness," the sex offender notification flyer from the Carson City Sheriff's Department reads. "This person is not wanted by the Carson City Sheriff's Office. Citizen abuse of this information, such as threats, intimidation, harassment or any act of recrimination, is unlawful and is subject to prosecution."

Tier 3 sex offenders are deemed by the state as having the highest risk of reoffending. Nevada law requires law enforcement agencies to notify the community when a Tier 3 offender moves to town.


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