Who should run for mayor? As many as possible

We hope Mayor Marv Teixeira runs for office again. And we hope that all who are thinking of throwing their hat in do so as well, including those whose names have escaped speculation thus far.

The more who run, the better off the city will be.

We need choices, not just in terms of candidates, but in terms of how the city should handle the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Those who are upset about the city's course needn't waste any energy on anger - they just need to vote or, better yet, run for office. The votes of those who approve of the seeds the city's elected officials have planted for the future will be equally important if they wish to prevent those seeds from being washed away.

Normally by now in an election year several people have committed to running. We're not sure why that's not the case this year, but we hope the floodgates open soon, not only for mayor, but supervisor and school board seats.

This election could not come at a better time for the city because - given enough choices - it has the opportunity to be about issues rather than personalities. It can chart an entirely new course for the city or reaffirm the direction we're on is correct.

Are the city's financial problems the product of the economy as a whole, or are there choices that can better insulate the capital city from downturns?

Is the quality of life here good enough? Are city services adequate and do residents feel safe from crime? If not, how do we pay for improving those parts of our community?

How should the city be investing its limited development dollars, especially now that it finds itself in competition with neighboring counties for new businesses? Should the city be placing more emphasis on attracting businesses other than retailers?

Can the city do more to encourage or force those with substandard buildings to improve their properties?

Are there new ideas outside those that have been discussed that could pave the way to a brighter future for Carson City?

These are all questions that will be asked over and over during the election.

Now all we need are candidates to answer them.

• This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board.


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