There have been a number of stories in the local newspapers about gang graffiti, a gang "jump in" and other gang activity. The school authorities are telling us "there is no gang activity on our school grounds." That is a complete falsehood. These school officials are putting their heads in the sand and ignoring the facts that are staring them in the face. They don't want to admit there is a problem because then they would have to do something to combat that problem.

If you have gang graffiti in any area, you then have a gang problem in that same area. The graffiti is telling other gangs that the graffiti writers are claiming that area as their gang territory and that they will defend that area with violence. When it gets to the point that gangs are conducting "jump ins" in a public park, in broad daylight, you are having a serious street gang problem. People who say that these gang members are "wannabe" gang members who are just kids trying to be tough, have completely missed the point and are part of the street gang problem that has taken a hold of our community.

I have lived in Douglas County for the past four years and have observed numerous signs of street gang activity all over Douglas, Carson City and the Reno areas. Make no mistake; there are numerous criminal street gangs in this area. They have already attacked law enforcement officers and the general public. If we don't do something to fight these criminals now, it will only be a matter of time before YOU become a victim of criminal street gang activity.

By the way, I am a retired police officer who has combated street gangs since 1989. I have seen how the problem starts and how the public is victimized by gang activity.



Wilderness wouldn't be good for Nevada

Last February, Nevada's Congressional Delegation came before residents of Lyon, Mineral and Esmeralda counties with a proposal for a federal lands bill. We were all told that any land bill MUST include newly designated "Wilderness Areas" as proposed by the Nevada Wilderness Project, the Friends of Nevada Wilderness and the Nevada Wilderness Coalition.

Members of these organizations were present in Mineral but not Lyon County. When they finally did make it to a meeting in Lyon, only three of their number appeared. Over 750 people from Smith Valley, Lyon County and groups from other counties heard them say they will NEVER stop seeking Wilderness Areas in Nevada. Previously a Mineral County resident was personally told they would never stop until they get ALL THE FEDERAL PUBLIC LAND tied up as WILDERNESS.

Last week Congressman Dean Heller issued a press release stating he DOES NOT support the proposal for wilderness as it has been presented. Also last week, Senator John Ensign told radio show host Bill Manders that if the local communities didn't support the land bills that he would not force one on us.

I would like to thank Congressman Heller for listening to those of us who will be most affected by this ill conceived proposal. I encourage Sen. Ensign to listen to us also. Wilderness may work in some areas, but it is not good for Nevada and will help further destroy our economy.

If the residents of Mineral, Lyon, Esmeralda and Douglas do not prevail in fighting off this proposal, other Nevada counties should beware! Like the little girl in the movie "Poltergeist," you'll find yourselves saying, "They're here!"

Please help us Fight the Wilderness Project. Write Senators Reid and Ensign and Congressman Heller and tell them NO WILDERNESS for Nevada!



Keep parents away from Easter eggs

The Easter Egg Hunt held at Governor's Field is a real treat for the kids in this community, and I know people put a in lot of hard work in to pull it off, and they do a great job.

But for the second year in a row I left with a bad taste in my mouth. This was due to overzealous parents who like to participate in the hunt. They crowd the starting line where the kids should stand, and pick up all the plastic eggs before the kids have a chance. I'm not one to complain, but next year I would hope they could rope off a section for KIDS only and not allow adults on the field. This may make it more enjoyable not only for my kids but all the kids in this community.


Carson City


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