Video of attempted robbery released

Police released surveillance footage today from an attempted robbery this weekened in which two men pointed a gun at a clerk and fled when the owner confronted them with a knife.

The clerk told police that the young men entered the store, selected a 12-pack of beer from the cooler and began walking to the register. As they did so, one of them pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the clerk, demanding money.

When the clerk said she didn't have the key to the register, one of the men walked around the counter, grabbed her by her neck and smashed her face into the register, telling her to open it.

Owner Hector Cruz heard the commotion and came out from the back of the store with a knife. After warning Cruz not to cause trouble, the bandits left empty handed.

Anyone with information on the identities of either man shown in the surveillance footage, please call the Carson City Sheriff's Detective Division at 887-2020 ext. 41407.


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