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Chuck Muth's column, "Nevada should profit from Yucca gold mine," on April 11 has some technical problems. First, Nevada does not have to agree to the Yucca project. Congress voted for and approved the project. The Department of Energy is not pursuing an alternative. Second, it is not necessary to heat the water in the reverse osmosis process. The water is forced through the membranes with pressure. Third, from an environmental standpoint, building a desalination plant by Yucca mountain is a bad idea. Salt water is very corrosive and has a tendency to foul pipes and pumps. Also, in the case where a pipe broke, due to an earthquake or a man made disaster, it would be unacceptable to flood the countryside with salt water. Lastly, the federal government is not in the business of providing states with water or power.

Every politician in Washington knows that if a government program can be delayed it will increase the cost. The fact that a lot of money is wasted is immaterial. When the supplies of crude oil and natural gas begin to run out the general public may finally wake up to the fact that nuclear energy is not such a bad idea after all.


Carson City

Give counties final say on wilderness

We are writing in opposition to the Wilderness designation of approximately 188,000 acres in Lyon and Mineral counties. This letter is particularly directed to Sen. Reid and Sen. Ensign. Their representatives were at a meeting in March in Wellington attended by 500 residents of these counties in unanimous opposition to this proposal. A member of the County Commission was present and reminded the congressional reps that the Commission rejected a wilderness bill in 2005. It was felt by many that the representatives did not really listen to the residents' concerns. Many residents spoke of the historic, economic, and recreational facets of the area and how lifestyles enjoyed by generations would be eliminated and economies devastated and/or eliminated throughout Lyon and Mineral counties. Residents spoke representing grazing, mining, geothermal, munitions depot, private property, forestry and all forms of recreation including equestrian, bird watching, 4-wheeling, biking, hiking, hunting and fishing. It was felt what should take five years for this process is being "crammed down" our throats in five months.

Gov. Gibbons sent a letter to the Congressional delegation voicing his opposition. He called local stewardship of any lands "imperative" and for the delegation not to move forward with any lands bill (including wilderness, water issues, or anything else) until Lyon and Mineral counties choose to support such an effort.

david and barbara neddenriep



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