City ponders leaving California for Nevada

NEEDLES, Calif. " The city of Needles wants to leave California for neighboring Nevada " or maybe just form its own county.

The City Council earlier this month told staff to look into two scenarios: having the city become a part of Nevada, which is just a few miles away, or staying in California but withdrawing from San Bernardino County and forming a county of its own.

Councilman Roy Mills says secession would require approval from Congress, both states and a popular vote.

The city of 5,700 is 213 miles from its county seat, and officials have had strained relations with county supervisors since March. They claim the county's been unwilling to help keep the city's troubled hospital open as a full-service medical center.

The county says it offered $1.5 million to keep some services open but the city rejected it.

Needles is about 100 miles south of Las Vegas.


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