Realtor announces run for Carson City mayor

Realtor Jim Shirk, saying he will be the "voice" of the people, announced his run for Carson City mayor today.

"As your mayor I will be representing you, helping you to fulfill your needs, your wants, and your desires," Shirk said in an e-mail. "As your Mayor I will be your representative " serving you the citizens " I will be your voice. As your mayor I will make a difference for you and for your family. As your mayor I will put Carson City first.

He said he understands as a businessman what Carson City residents are concerned about " issues like taxes, crime and traffic.

Carson City needs to also look at environmental issues, he said. This means looking at using alternative energies and possibly banning plastic bags.

Two other men have announced they are running for mayor. Bob Crowell is an attorney and president of the school board and Sean Lehmann is a 35-year-old podiatrist.

Mayor Marv Teixeira will not seek a fourth term.


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