Eight years ago I was concerned when I learned Bush had had a difficult time with his academic studies. Or put another way, he was not the brightest light on the tree.

I questioned whether this would be the type of person who could handle the challenges of office or would he be easily and unwittingly led by others, or worse yet, plunge ahead unthinkingly with his own agenda. I believe that subsequent events have shown that my concern was well placed.

Now I learn that McCain graduated fifth from the bottom of his class and I am genuinely alarmed. Although academically challenged people usually have other strengths, they are not the ones that I want governing in the White House.



Circuses exploit animals

I read that the circus is coming to Reno. Don't go! Don't take your children! Don't pay for the exploitation of wild big cats and elephants. While I have no idea if these animals are physically abused - or not - doesn't really matter. They spend their lives in small cages on trains going from one town to another to "perform." they lose their dignity and identity.

I have no objection to big zoos and sanctuaries where animals have room to roam and be themselves. I strongly object to circuses, where they are humiliated for peoples' amusement.

I was in Hawaii about 10 years ago when the circus was in town. An elephant stepped on his trainer and escaped (why, because he was so happy?) He went down the street and after much discussion, the police shot him - not with tranquilizers - but real bullets and they killed him. Please don't support circuses and if you have views anywhere near mine, let them be known. Thanks for letting me vent.


Carson City

Grateful for new fire station

The announcement for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new central Lyon County Fire Protection District's fire station prompts me to say that this is the best news and the most welcome facility to come to Silver Springs in a long time. The 60's-70's SS volunteer fire department building was overdue for replacement and relocation.

My reasons are not only for the fire and hopefully ambulance services this station will provide, but also for the overall benefit to the community in so many ways.

There will be someone in an official capacity present, less than a mile west of the Nevada Wood Preserving plant! With this event under way, I am sure those involved in the project from groundbreaking through construction and occupancy will learn first hand (or is it by their own nose) - how the neighborhood has suffered from the noxious fumes that invade residences and other properties within the 3 to 5 mile-area of emission fall-out! Perhaps the firefighters will be able to take a lead role in determining the source of the toxic fumes, be they from a monster meth lab, or a polluting industry.

I welcome the CLCFPD presence, and I only hope and pray our firefighters who ultimately occupy the station on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year will not be breathing the fumes that come into local homes and other structures through open windows and doors.

Applause is due for the installation of the energy-saving solar heating system Yet, I hope that the fire house will NOT be equipped with the usual swamp-cooling unit that most desert dwellers have - because this horrid choking chemical odor finds easy entry into structures through this type of cooling system.

Let us think positively, that the community and our firefighters will never again have to experience a Haz-Mat "soup" of airborne smoke, particles, and emissions of Pentachlorophenol, diesel, chromium, copper and arsenic (restricted use pesticides and their toxic constituents including dioxins) given off in a wood preserving plant fire.

If the above or other unimaginable accident or health threatening event happens, we will all be so grateful, that a state of the art fire station, with well trained people is close by.

Welcome to the neighborhood, CLCFPD.


Silver Springs


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