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120 Years Ago

Why is it ... When a new town is growing, all the inhabitants of the place can drink at the same bar but they must have at least five different kinds of churches to accommodate those of different creeds. This peculiarity shows that religion is divided when sin is united ... and the match is unequal. - White Pine News

100 years Ago

Large congregations assembled at St. Peter's Church to greet the Rt. Rev. Henry D. Robinson, D.D. Bishop of Nevada. It was the Bishop's initial visit to Carson City.

70 Years Ago

Several weeks ago relatives of Mrs. Gilbert offered a reward of $200 for Mrs. Gilbert's body. One of the searching parties did find in the cabin occupied by Mrs. Gilbert, a letter she had written during a severe snowstorm to her mother. The letter in Mrs. Gilbert's handwriting caused many persons to believe that the woman had not started for town.

50 Years Ago

James Canyon Ranch creamery officially went into business. The new creamery is one of the newest and most modern in the West and is located at Genoa, will employ 40 people and has the largest capacity for milk processing Ð 20,000 gallons in an eight-hour day.

20 Years Ago

A change in date for the Kit Carson Rendezvous has been requested by Carson City Mayor Dan Flammer so that it does not conflict with Carson Valley Days in Douglas County.

10 Years Ago

Nevada Power Co. and Sierra Pacific Resource will merge. Directors unanimously approved the union. They will serve 800,000 electric; 100,000 gas and 65,000 water customers.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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