Carson has what it takes to become a great bicycling community

Maybe it will happen today on the way to the grocery store, or maybe Monday on the way to work ... you'll come across a bicyclist riding along the edge of the road in your lane of traffic.

We hope you'll do what almost everybody does " slow down and give them room.

There seems to be more and more bicyclists in Carson City, which is most likely attributable to the high price of gas. But when you add in the other benefits, including exercise, enjoying the scenery and just plain having fun, it's easy to understand why bicycling will likely continue to grow in popularity.

At least we hope so ... in fact it would be a good thing if Carson someday becomes a bicycling mecca. And why not ... it's already on the way with a fledgling network of trails and paths through the city and its scenic outskirts, and, just as importantly, a group of enthusiastic people promoting the sport. That group, Muscle Powered, has already done a great deal to make Carson more bike friendly.

But more bikes could also translate into more conflicts especially on streets where there's little room along the shoulder for them. In some cities there are reports of "bike rage" as motorists become frustrated with having to slow down for and maneuver around bicyclists.

We hope that doesn't happen here. The city can help by continuing to provide bike lanes and trails wherever possible. But it's also up to bicyclists and motorists " if everyone follows the rules of the road, the increase in bike traffic will be good news for everybody.

This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board.


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