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Stop procrastinating on energy policy

It seems to me Congress really isn't concerned about the billions of dollars we spend on importing foreign oil. They have no realization or just don't care about the impact that importing foreign oil has on the American economy. Money that could be used for education, health care and transportation becomes unavailable for those critical programs all because of our dependency on foreign oil.

Must we continue to drain the American economy to enrich those countries that hold us hostage, because we have never taken steps to develop our own source of oil?

Evasiveness and procrastination over many years resulted in inactivity to formulate or develop any source of energy, that would free us from a dependency on foreign oil.

Now is the critical time when the economy is hurting to begin a policy of action and do something. Everything is doable. What the country needs is men of courage, good will and foresight to start on overcoming obstacles that keep us from developing an energy policy within the next five years.

In time of desperation America has always found ways to make the impossible doable.

What we need now is the government to develop a program similar to N.A.S.A. staffed by scientists charged with and working on developing new sources of energy, given a time limit of say five years. I have no doubt at the end of seven years, we could be free from a dependency on foreign oil We just cannot wait 10 years to be free from funding foreign oil. Too many programs are hurting. In the meantime let's start drilling, even if it takes 10 years.

Offshore oil platforms would be a great distance from shore, far out of sight.

States like California in desperate need of money, would share in the profits derived from oil drilling. Even if it takes 10 year to develop our source of oil, at the end of that time, the chains that held America hostage to foreign oil would be broken forever.

America with the resolve to succeed is capable of developing alternative sources of energy in five years. We have the know how and the capability even considering the manmade obstacle that will always pose a deterrence to progress.


Carson City

Respect for tenants who chased off gang members

So the bums who tried to spraypaint mailboxes got "mad" at being "disrespected." Hey, here's a thought: Do something worth respecting and maybe the rest of us will start showing you respect. Partying, drinking, drugging and destroying public or private property doesn't cut it.

Here's another thought: The next time a situation like this occurs, the citizen who goes out to empty his trash needs to take his gun with him. If these bums want to play dirty, the rest of us can too. It's a sad state of affairs when a group of law-abiding people can't chase off a group of hooligans without fear of retaliation.

Good for those tenants and good for Judge Tatro. And to Sheriff Furlong I say: Forget about trying to talk to and get along with these bums. How are gang relations possible with thugs who believe that breaking the law and messing up neighborhoods deserves respect? Aren't their actions "dissing" the rest of us? A harder line is obviously needed. Ride 'em out of town on a rail.


Carson City

Six points for columnist to ponder

Anne Macquarie's ideas about energy need some clarification.

One, there is enough water to support a western states oil shale industry, per the DOE (I notice Macquarie quotes NO sources for her statements). Two, both oil shale and coal technology will improve with use, reducing emissions, water usage and cost per unit. Three, European countries tax motor fuels to raise revenue, not to encourage conservation. Europeans were driving roller-skates long before anyone heard of conservation per se. It's economic self-defense. Four, most European countries' taxes go to social programs. Five, Europe is small, there are lots of cheap, comfortable trains and buses, and the roads are still packed. Six, so oil companies make money, huh? An unprofitable oil company produces NO fuel " what do you do then? And, as is usual with liberals, Macquarie finishes by all but calling Congressman Heller dishonest; a real debating coup, no?


Carson City


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