Man uninjured in tumble landing in light aircraft

A student pilot was uninjured Thursday morning when he crashed upon landing a light aircraft at the Carson City Airport.

Sheriff Ken Furlong said the pilot had been practicing landing, and was perhaps on his fourth attempt, when he somehow lost control and tumbled at the east end of the airport.

Fire crews initially called for a Careflight helicopter, but the student pilot declined medical attention.

He and his instructor then collected the pieces of the experimental plane and put them into a pickup truck.

Firefighters helped them put the cockpit back onto its wheels and the remainder was towed from the scene.

The name of the pilot, or the school at which he was a student, were not available.

Furlong said the Federal Aviation Administration was notified of the incident.

The light aircraft does not require a pilot's license, but merely a driver's license with instruction to operate.


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