Lack of Dayton transfer station leaves residents in the dumps

Residents of west Lyon County will have to wait a bit longer for some place to dump their trash.

Justin Caporusso, spokesman for Waste Management, said a delay in the delivery of materials has caused a delay in the rebuilding of the Dayton transfer station destroyed by fire on July 28.

Lyon County residents who have trash pickup have not been affected by the fire. But those who live too far out for trash collection, or who need to make dump runs in Dayton, Mound House and Mark Twain, have been left to either drive as much as 88 miles roundtrip to transfer stations in Fernley or Yerington, or dish out $25 for out-of-county dumps at the Carson City Landfill.

"It's a big inconvenience," said Laura Aten of Dayton. "I'm currently renovating my garage to make additional space for my child that is due in January, and I have nowhere to take my trash."

Instead, Aten's construction debris is piling up on the side of her house.

"I definitely don't want to go dump it where everyone else does (in the desert) on Six Mile Canyon. I find that disgusting," she said.

Caporusso said by late next week, Waste Management hopes to put in bins at the old location, so that even before the building is rebuilt, western county residents can dispose of their garbage again.

"We apologize for any inconvenience and are doing our best to make the facility safe and operable as soon as possible," said Caporusso.

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