Hunting results for big game seasons

Here are some of the successful and unsuccessful big game hunters of the 2008 Nevada hunting seasons:

Norm Budden of Carson City has not gone hunting nor will he, as he did not draw any big game tags for 2008.

Wes Clyde of Carson City got his cow elk with a bow and arrow in big game management area No. 111 (near Ely).

Brain Bennett of Ely, the son of Carl Bennett of Carson City, missed an antelope at very close range in area No. 111. He said that "He just blew it."

Joy Bennett of Ely, Brian's wife, got her cow elk with a bow and arrow in area No. 111. She is obviously the better shooter of the two.

Gene Couste of Carson City had a great archery shot at a trophy 5x5 buck mule deer in Northern Washoe County. His arrow hit the buck in the antlers and the deer is probably still running.

Jim Davis of Carson City and Jim Blueberg of Washoe Valley drew archery deer tags for area No. 162. They hunted in the Toquima Range area, south and east of Austin, and did not see very many deer. They will be hunting a different portion of that area for the last five days of their season.

Joel Dunn of Carson City was archery hunting on Aug. 6 in the Success Loop area in area No. 111, where he was within 40 feet of a trophy buck mule deer. He drew his arrow back, took careful aim, shot, and hit a tree dead center. The deer ran off, the tree did not.

Brian Hubkey of Douglas County got his archery antelope with one shot at 25 yards in area No. 11. The buck had 14 inch long horns and a green Boone & Crockett score of 73 3/4 points.

Nate Johnston of Douglas County went on his first-even archery elk hunt, and on the second day of his hunt in area No. 111, he got a cow elk.

Leo and Annette Mankins of Carson City went scouting for deer in the Hinkey Summit area, north of Winnemucca. They saw lots of California bighorn sheep, but not very many deer.

For information on 2008 Nevada big game hunting seasons, call the Nevada Department of Wildlife at 688-1500 during regular business hours.


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