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Obama criticisms unfounded

In the letter by Larry Sherrod, he states that Obama is an "empty suit."

That simply is incorrect. If one were to do some research,they would find out that Obama has authored 152 bills and co-authored 615 others in his time with the Senate opposed to, for an example, Hillary Clinton's 20 in six years. He has worked diligently to promote renewable energy. He has co-authored and passed legislation enabling the U.S. and its allies to detect and stop the smuggling of weapons of mass destruction throughout the world. He has co- sponsored the Healthy Kids Act of 2007 and the State Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007 to ensure that more children have affordable health care coverage. The list goes on and on.

So my point is there might be a few people out there where race is a factor, but if one were to educate themselves on the issues, they would find that Obama stands alone in this election on leading this country to a much better place and race thus becomes a moot point.

As far as his book "Dreams of My Father," he talks about his struggles growing up half black/half white and how he overcame his insecurities to become the astute man he is today.

As for the Rev. Wright and Michelle Obama comments being hate related " if one were to listen to the entire speech and sermon instead of the 10 second video bites you would find that the words were taken way out of context. What Michelle was referring to was that it was refreshing to see so many people that were complacent for so many years, getting up and being involved and how proud she was of her husband and America, opposed to John MCCain saying, "I never loved America, until I was deprived of her company."

And Rev. Wright has done some great things for his community during his 30 years in the ministry and has served our country as a Marine. For people to form such an ill opinion on a 10-second video bite is unfair.

Jenny Smith

Carson City

Don't blame oil companies for cost of oil

Still no decisions on energy, here we are, paying more for gas then ever, and gas and oil prices are causing almost everything else to go up, it's the single most important issue at hand right now, get oil prices down ... NOW!

The housing market problem will eventually fix itself, leave it alone. What we need is cheaper oil. OK, the dems propose taxing the oil companies to give out checks, what? The oil companies aren't to blame for the cost of oil, while I'm sure they are glad to be making lots of money, (and I would too) they aren't why gas is so high, but if Congress puts a windfall tax on them, just who do you think will end up paying that tax. Yep, US that's who! Well then we can blame the oil companies for higher prices because they will add this stupid tax to the price. Dumbest idea I've ever heard of. Meanwhile Pelosi and Reid refuse to even allow a vote for more drilling or alternate energy programs; she is more interested in selling her new book, guess you can't blame her, its sales are miserable. Now we find out she has large investments in natural gas, very good motivations for not drilling more oil. If WE THE PEOPLE don't stand up for our rights and get these clowns out of Congress, then we have only ourselves to blame. Follow the issues and vote accordingly or suffer the consequences, we DO have the power.



Neither candidate will make changes

As a California transplant and clinical psychologist for over 30 years I commend Dr. Lisa Keating's column of Aug. 13. She is right on. The professional political narcissists' charisma and pull for ego greed are not unrecognized by us. This has been discussed in psychological professional groups. This is why neither of the present candidates will make any changes to the complicated web of bureaucracy and lobbyists. It won't matter who wins. We have no real leaders of good solid character that I can observe.

This leads me to Chris Graham's letter (same page, same date). Give us a break from the constant bombardment of political stuff during the 29th Olympiad. "Stay the course" with healthy spirit of nations getting together to compete without violence. Many of us are really sick of three years of politicking. Even their voices are ear bangers. Boring and the only feeling I get is ego greed.




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