Remembering the laborers on Labor Day weekend

If you want to generate puzzled expressions this weekend, ask people the true meaning of Labor Day.

We're guessing you'll hear plenty about it being the symbolic end of another summer, or, who knows, maybe even a reminder not to wear white pants. But we doubt you'll hear anyone recite the importance of our labor force.

That's a shame, because it's everyday workers who built this country, not rich politicians and overpaid CEOs. What have they done to stop the flow of jobs being lost to other countries, or to curtail the dependence on a low-paid illegal immigrant work force, at the expense of American laborers?

Make no mistake ... the country's future rests squarely on the shoulders of its work force. That's certainly the case for Carson City, which once boasted a strong manufacturing base. The city has also lost out on relocating businesses because of its lack of a large and qualified work force, and it's rare that young residents can go off to college and find suitable work back in their hometown.

While we're happy the city has had some success in luring retailers, and the sales tax they generate, we hope economic development efforts currently underway are successful in luring manufacturers and other well-paying businesses to the area. Those jobs, along with the city's other assets, will bring families who will contribute to the positive growth of the community.

So on this Labor Day weekend, we salute the work force that has built our communities into what they are, and send a special salute to those among them who are working on this holiday.


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