Let's hope casino developers have a good handle on Carson City's future

Sometimes, to find the truest forecast of the long-term fortune of a city the best place to look is in the business community rather than the halls of government. The evidence of that future can be found in the form of expansion plans, hiring and lay-off trends and even community involvement. Businesses don't make such decisions haphazardly; they study the market and assess future trends.

This is why the surprise filing of plans for a major new multi-million-dollar casino and hotel in Carson City is a much-needed and well-timed message about this city's future.

The message it sends is this is a community with a bright future worth investing in. It may also signal Carson City's potential as more of a destination community. Currently, the casinos rely heavily on local gamblers and that's likely to remain the case for the foreseeable future. But adding hundreds of quality motel rooms is a major step in bringing in money from outside the community, too, and the effects will reach far beyond the gaming tables. Visitors will discover that Carson City is a place with a rich history and vibrant arts community in a beautiful setting, and that it's within easy driving distance of many other attractions where rooms cost much more.

The message of a positive future is further reinforced when you consider Bodine's Casino currently under construction and recent expansions at the Fandango. The decision makers behind these projects likely understand the state of the current economy won't equate to short-term riches, but they trust in the long-term viability of their businesses.

The prospect of bringing even more gambling to Carson City does not come without questions about the overall impact it may have on the community. There will be opportunities in the coming months to explore those issues further, but for now we're taking the news of this project as a vote of confidence for Carson City.

This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board


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