Making the best of a bad situation

Budget belt tightening in public agencies and schools usually leads to complaints about the impact it will have on state residents, and that's justifiable. The cuts the state is experiencing now will certainly have many effects on Nevadans.

But at the same time that's happening, there are many people trying innovative ways to make more from less, to provide the most urgent services even during a hiring freeze.

There's probably no better example of that than what's happening with the relationship between the Retired and Senior Volunteers Program and Western Nevada College.

The volunteer program led by Janice Ayres offered to help the college make it through the hiring freeze, and Carol Lucey, the college's president, didn't waste time in accepting. The volunteers the college is seeking range from teachers' aides and program assistants to computer technicians.

Are the volunteers out there? That remains to be seen, but Carson and the surrounding area have a bevy of educated and highly skilled retirees. Hundreds of them are already giving back to their community in other ways.

As of yet, it's unclear how effective the program will be in helping the college weather the cuts, but no matter what happens you have to admire the effort.

It's the result of the college and RSVP realizing what's most important - and that is the mission of educating the students at WNC, no matter what the budget says.

• This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board.


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