Business licenses

Business licenses issued in Carson City as of Feb. 1

Genghix, 1480 N. Carson St., new liquor license, Paul Lau, owner.

Green Light Auto, 1715 N. Carson St., new auto repair/truck/RV repair, Steian Giurca, owner.

Hall Michelle, 51 Granite Way, new baby-sitting, ages 4 and under, Michelle Hall, owner.

Hansen Landscape Architects LLC, O of T, new out of town business no office in Carson City, Ryan Hansen, owner.

High Desert Tool and Mold, 2500 Arrowhead Drive, new graphics, Jeremy Sheldon, owner.

Jade International LLC, 2533 N. Carson St., new contract offices (resident agents), Judy Brown, owner.

JPT Consultants LLC, 4101 Meadow Wood Road, new contract offices (resident agents), Paulette Mitchell, owner.

Kaleta Paul, O of T, new contractor-general building, Paul Kaleta, owner.

Katie's Bar, 3481 Highway 50 East, new gaming licenses, Kil Ye Chew, owner.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions, O of NT, new out of town business no office in Carson City, Michael Leonczyk, owner.

Lifeline Distribution, 1744 Montelena Court, new safety equipment sales and service, Glenn Fritz, owner.

Live Long and Healthy Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., new contract offices (resident agents), Raymond Talavera, owner.

Lomeli Olivia G, 1511 Continental Drive, new delivery/courier/dispatch, in town, Olivia G. Lomeli, owner.

Longs Drug Stores California, 1980 N. Carson St., new gaming licenses, Longs Drug Stores California, owner.

Luckys Expresso Bar, 402 N. Carson St., new restaurant/fast food/pizza take out, William J. Hook, owner.

Martinos Lawn Service, 1745 Belmont Ave., new lawn maintenance/supplies, Garcia Martin Lopez, owner.

McMahan Homes LLC, O of T, new contractor-carpentry, Ross McMahan, owner.

Medicine Flower, 204 W. Spear St., new contract offices (resident agents), Gifts of the Earth Enterprises, owner.

Miss Nostalgia Vintage, 2617 Bohr Road, new internet sales/mail order, Adair N. Nowacki, owner.

Morrison Ashleigh, 716 N. Carson St., Suite No. 110, new independent-cosmetologist, Ashleigh Morrison.

Nevada Web Direct.Com, 1770 Dori Way, new programming/word process/internet service, David McGraw, owner.

Olson Michelle, 1721 Gregg St., new independent-cosmetologist, Michelle Olson, owner.

Outdoor Vision, O of T, new out of town business, no office in Carson City, Richard C. Berman, owner.

Parkhill Scott G MD PC, 313 W. Ann St., new doctor/nurse, Scott G. Parkhill, MD PC.

Penta Solaris Corp, 2533 N. Carson St., new contract offices (resident agents) Gayle Schultz, owner.

Pettit Charlotte, 1893 E. Long St., new independent-cosmetologist, Charlotte Pettit, owner, owner.

Power Financial Services LLC, 1802 N. Carson St., Suite 212, new contract offices (resident agents), Eric Whiteside, owner.

Sipes Antiques, 3917 N. Carson St., new antiques, Steven C. Sipe, owner.

Talon Holdings LLC, 2533 N. Carson St., new contract offices (resident agents), Talon Holdings Inc., owner.

2K Construction, O of T, new contractor-residential/small commercial, Guillermo Ibaibarriaga, owner.

New firms listed in Douglas County as of Feb. 1

Aero Management, 400 Dorla Court, management, Mark Mech, Joe Locke, owner.

Anything and Everything Handyman Service, 4948 Dean Drive, handyman, Brian Keith Gorham, Robert Stephen James, owner.

Bayside Management, 400 Dorla Court, management, Clarence Hawkins, owner.

Buckingham Vacation Properties, 4000 Lake Tahoe Blvd., vacation rentals, B. Gaines, Buckingham Prop Lt, owner., 1310 Burro Court, internet web store, online, Susan Kay Henry, owner.

Captivision, 1582 Saratoga Court, closed-captioning, Nancy Epstein, owner.

DMI Marketing, 400 Dorla Court, Direct Motorsport, J Wiggins, owner.

Garden Plus Banuelos Company, O of T, lawn maintenance, Emigdio Banuelos, owner.

Hendricks Automotive, 1408 Industrial Way, No. 11 and 12, automotive repair, WIlliam Scott Hendricks, Carolyn Hendricks, owner.

Mission Management, 400 Dorla Court, management, Steve Hagland, owner.

Nutramed Distribution, 297 Kingsbury Grade D, firm type not given, Nutramed Bal-Sar, D Batrick owner.

The Radar Shop, 400 Dorla Court, Direct Motorsport, J Wiggins, owner.

Ruby Rose Cowgirl Clothes, 626 Highway 88, clothing store, Kim P. Cervenak, owner.

S. Lester, 400 Dorla Court, management, Steve Hagland, owner.

Sara Pacheco, 3796 Zeolite Circle, housekeeping, Sara Pacheco, owner.

Simplot Grower Solutions, O of T, fertilizer sales, Jr. Simplot Co. DBA, Asta Gyoung, owner.

South Lake Tahoe Condo Rental, O of T, limited liability Co., Laura Lynn Bosselman, Charles Dwight Bosselman Jr., William Carsten Bosselman, owner.

Treanor and Associates, 228 Sunflower Circle, property management, Carolyn R. Treanor, owner.

Trimmers Outpost, 2276 Main St., retail, Lisa Lekumberry, Terri Billman, Sheri Walters, owner.

Wreckless Decals, 3554 Smoketree Ave., e-commerce, Chris Currier, owner.


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