Silver Springs sewer plant to remain separate despite new rules

By Karen Woodmansee

Appeal Staff Writer

Just because operators of the wastewater treatment plant in Silver Springs may have to follow Dayton rules doesn't mean the plant will become part of the Lyon Utilities Department.

Lyon County Utilities Director Mike Workman told the Lyon County Commissioners, acting as the ex officio Silver Springs General Improvement District board, the change from GID rules to the Utilities Department's was necessary to modernize the rules and keep them up to date with federal requirements.

The issue was raised at the first public hearing on a proposed change. A vote will be taken by the commission at a second upcoming public hearing.

The new rules will be the same ones Lyon Utilities uses for its Dayton, Mound House, Crystal Clear and Willowcreek operations, but Workman said the Silver Springs plant will remain a separate entity.

The ordinances cover sewer use and service rules, and regulation of industrial discharge into the sewer system.

The industrial portion requires industries that discharge chemicals or manufacturing byproducts into the sewer system to obtain permits from Lyon County Utilities. There will be fees for the permits and it will be spelled out just what the discharge limitations are.

It will also establish an inspection process conducted by the utility, require strict record keeping and reporting to Lyon County Utilities.

Workman said this program is mandated and most industrial dischargers are already aware of it.

Utilities employees will be able to sample manholes outside an industrial facility if there is an unknown discharge and find a solution more quickly than before.

He said the industrial discharge rules were required by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, and would be a help to already have on the books when more industry moves to Silver Springs.

"These are industry-wide standards," he said.

Resident Don Harina said the new rules will replace the GID's rules, which included fees, and asked that an addendum noting the Silver Springs fees, but, Workman said, fee schedules will be kept separate from the rules so the county didn't have to revamp rules every time there was a fee change.

He said there would be no fee or rate increase associated with the change.

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