Another reminder for being out on ice

Now, that our weather is bitter cold, here is another safety reminder for venturing out onto ice.

This reminder is courtesy of a past issue of "The Splash," the official publication of the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame:

The following are safety, ice-thickness guidelines to be considered before venturing out onto an ice-covered stream, creek, river, pond, reservoir or lake.

Blue, clear ice is safer than cloudy ice.

One inch of ice: Stay off.

Two to three inches of clear, blue ice: Will support one adult walking.

Four inches: Needed for safe ice fishing.

Five inches: Needed for snowmobiling.

Eight inches: Needed to support a car or a light truck.

Ten inches: Needed to support a medium-weight truck.

Remember that currents under the ice and slush on the ice may effect the thickness.

Be careful out there.

When in doubt, don't go out. It might just save your life!


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