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Why I'll think Ron Paul is the perfect candidate

Congressman Ron Paul is not the perfect candidate. But who is? The possibility of Congressman Paul winning the presidential election is very slim. But still he has my vote. He is not the most polished speaker or charismatic candidate (far from it), but he speaks for me, for a return to sane and limited government.

In an age when most of the public have come to believe the federal government will provide the best solution to all of our problems given enough money and power, and when our nation has been suckered into a collective cultural insanity believing we must police the world Ron Paul dares to stand against those beliefs.

When one man, one administration, can send us into war, we are no longer free citizens; we live in a system of tyranny. When we, the citizens of this nation, must work nearly six months of each year to pay for all the taxes heaped upon our shoulders, both visible and hidden, we are no longer free, we are in servitude.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who dares tell us what we don't want to hear. He is the only candidate willing to speak the truth, as he sees it, instead of posturing and placating us with a serpentine voice of double speak. He dares to speak of trillion dollar wars financed by selling our souls to foreign nations. He tells us of the perfect economic storm on the horizon if we continue to fuel a monstrous government that will consume ever-growing portions of our income and lives unless we stop it.

Ron Paul knows that for every responsibility we relinquish to the government we lose an equal amount of freedom. That is why I will vote for Ron Paul. As strange as it may sound, I still believe in freedom.


Carson City

Hillary Clinton is strong on the issues

You may not like Hillary Clinton, you may not want to have a woman in the White House, maybe you don't like her husband, or Democrats in general, but at least take a look at Senator Clinton's issues. Especially if you are not rich, own a small business that provides insurance to its employees, have no insurance, or are tired of the high premiums and having to fight for proper coverage.

Ms. Clinton's Universal Health Care Plan is NOT socialized medicine as many think. It is a comprehensive plan to crack down on insurance companies, drug companies and health care providers and stop the gouging of the public for needed medical care and medicine. Her plan offers tax credits to families, who buy their own insurance, but insurance under Hillary's plan will be affordable, and you will not be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. You can choose your own plan, or the same plans that are offered to members of Congress. Her plan will also give tax credits to small businesses that offer insurance to their employees, and will give the individual the freedom to change jobs without fear of losing their health coverage.

Hillary Clinton will start pulling troops out of Iraq within weeks of becoming president, and has a plan to do it responsibly, while using aid from around the world to stabilize the country.

Other issues are making college affordable for everyone, safeguarding Social Security, bringing good government to the middle class (you know the biggest segment of our society, which is invisible to the present administration), combat terrorism, and very importantly restore the standing of America in the world. We are the most hated nation under the current administration.

Hillary will also stand with Nevada against the proposed Yucca Mountain Waste Repository.

I ask that you visit Hillary Clinton's Web site at www.hillaryclinton.com or call the Hillary Clinton Campaign office in Reno at 473-1330 and ask the questions you need answers to.


Carson City

Barack Obama can bring about change

We Nevadans have a golden opportunity to make a real difference in the future of our country and indeed the future of the world. I am talking about the opportunity to see some real changes in Washington D.C.

Everywhere I go I hear the same gripes about the way things are going in Iraq, problems with health care and education. We have the opportunity to support a candidate who will bring about change. That candidate is Barack Obama, who is committed to bringing about change in Washington. Barack Obama is committed to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. He is committed to guaranteeing that all Americans have high-quality, affordable health care coverage. He will expand early childhood education and reform and fund the no "child left behind" act.

The recent polls show that Barack Obama is steadily closing the gap between himself and Hillary Clinton and will soon surge ahead of her. We in Nevada can make a real difference. I urge everyone to go to the caucuses on Saturday and support Barack Obama.


Carson City


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