Some thoughts for the weekend

Some thoughts for the weekend before I devote my attention to Nevada basketball and the NFL.

• Can you believe Terrell Owens? I've had several football fans ask me if I think he's bi-polar. I won't comment on that. After throwing quarterbacks, head coaches and offensive coordinators under the bus for years, I was stunned to hear his tearful defense of Tony Romo last weekend after the Cowboys exited the playoffs.

• Did Dallas owner Jerry Jones send Wade Phillips a message or not when he decided to pay Jason Garrett nearly $3 million to stay as offensive coordinator. If I were Phillips, I'd tell Jones to take his job and shove it, and go take either the Ravens or Falcons job. I can't believe this is going to be a good working relationship.

• The weather is supposed to be 1 degree with a wind chill factor of minus-15 for the Green Bay-New York game on Sunday. I just hate it when teams have to play in conditions like that. Fans don't get the type of game they deserve. I say all the stadiums should have retractable roofs. The fans pay way too much money to have to sit in that type of weather. It can't be too comfortable unless you have some Jack Daniels to drink.

• I was glad to see Pete Carroll turn down the Falcons recently. I know Carroll doesn't have anything left to prove at USC, but why on earth he would even talk to the Falcons is beyond me. Carroll, until the NFL decides to put a team in Los Angeles, is the king there. I know every coach likes challenges, but why would Carroll want a challenge where he won't succeed?

• I applaud the Giants' move to sign Aaron Rowand to play center field, but what about a third baseman and another starting pitcher? Personally, I wouldn't waste any more time on Pedro Feliz, who has some pop but doesn't hit for a great average. I wish the Giants could have enticed Scott Rolen to come over.

• Nevada recently hired two new defensive coaches. Nigel Burton takes over as defensive coordinator, replacing Ken Wilson, who will now coach the linebackers. James Ward will now coach the cornerbacks. Wilson took a lot of heat last year, a lot of it was undeserved. Was it his fault that Josh Mauga went down with an injury? Was it his fault Erics Clark got ill and missed most of the season, leaving the Pack thin up front. Charlie Camp, who coached inside linebackers last year, apparently resigned after one season on the job.

• I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but the lack of attendance at Nevada's women's basketball game disturbs me immensely. Hey, the team is 12-4 overall and 3-0 in conference heading into tonight's game at Boise State. You can't do much better than that. We're talking about a team that has a legitimate shot to win the conference and get the school's first-ever NCAA berth. The only thing I might change is the start times on the weekend. I would go back to an afternoon start in attempt to draw more families to the game.

• I will join the long list of people congratulating Luke Babbitt for breaking the state scoring record. His good friend, Nevada's Armon Johnson, was co-holder of the mark until last week. Many in Northern Nevada are anxious to see Babbitt in a Nevada uniform next season, and I look forward to covering his exploits. Because of NCAA rules, Johnson didn't have any comments.

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