Update: GOP caucus results as of noon

Mitt Romney is leading the statewide race gathering 2,421 votes to John McCain's 744 and Ron Paul's 640 with 71 of 1,789 precincts reporting.

Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nv., and his wife Lynn waited close to two hours outside the senior center in below freezing temperatures.

"There's a saying you should not watch sausages and laws being made," he said. "You can add caucuses to that."

Mitt Romney 55 percent, 6355 votes total

John McCain 12 percent, 1,417 votes total

Ron Paul 12 percent, 1,358 votes total

Mike Huckabee 8 percent, 910 votes total

Fred Thompson 8 percent, 879 votes total

Rudy Giuliani 4 percent, 449 votes total

Duncan Hunter 1 percent, 137 votes total

Mitt Romney 324 votes

John McCain 99 votes

Mike Huckabee 64 votes

Ron Paul 117 votes

Fred Thompson 80 votes

Rudy Giuliani 33 vote

Duncan Hunter 30 votes


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