Sunshine returned to Barrow, Alaska

As is reported each year: Jan. 24 is a very special time of the year in the lives of several thousand hardy Alaskans. They live in a small community known as Barrow in northern Alaska, located on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. Barrow is also noted as the northernmost community in the entire United States.

Those folks have had to endure more than two months without any sunlight, since the sun dipped below the horizon way back on Nov. 18. That's more than two months ago!

However, the sun has finally returned to that part of the world. Jan. 24 also marked the return of more and more sunlight as the earth slowly moves toward the 24-hours of daylight of the summer season in the Arctic.

Summer is coming back to the Far North! However, on Wednesday morning at Barrow, the temperature was -16 degrees with a 12 mph wind, causing a wind chill of -38 degrees. Brrr!


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