DUI enforcement beefed up just in time for theSuper Bowl

In an effort to reduce alcohol-related crashes during Super Bowl weekend, the Carson City Sheriff's Department and the Nevada Highway Patrol will be staffing extra officers for DUI enforcement.

Starting today through Feb. 16, officers will be working overtime to crack down on drunk drivers, said Carson City Sheriff's Deputy Jarrod Adams.

"No matter who you're cheering for in the Super Bowl, remember that drunk driving is not a game," Adams said in a news release. "Drunk driving takes a terrible toll on the citizens and economic well-being of Carson City."

Adams said a good way to control your alcohol consumption is to limit drinks to one per hour and eat plenty while you drink to slow the alcohol's effects.

"Remember, if you plan on driving, you should limit the number of drinks you have to zero," he said.

Funding for the overtime for both Carson and NHP is provided by the Joining Forces grant, administered by the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, Department of Public Safety.

"These officers will be concentrating their efforts on reducing the number of impaired drivers on Nevada roadways. By apprehending one impaired driver, we feel we have been successful in preventing an alcohol related accident," said NHP Sgt. Blair Harkleroad.

Any questions regarding Carson City's involvement in this campaign can be directed to Sheriff's Sgt. Mike Cullen at 887-2020 ext. 43171 or Deputy Adams at 887-2020, ext. 45314.


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