Lyon commissioners to vote on jail bond resolution

Lyon County commissioners will vote Thursday on a resolution to issue more than $15 million in bonds for a new jail.

County Manager Dennis Stark said the resolution, if approved, will allow the county to issue general obligation bonds secured by revenues from a quarter-cent infrastructure sales tax enacted earlier this year.

The $15.25 million would be added to funds in the county's reserve to pay for either expanding the Yerington jail or building a new facility. However, Stark said the county won't collect anything from the bond until the commissioners decide on a new facility.

The resolution would direct the Lyon County Clerk to formally notify the county's Debt Management Commission of the county's proposal.

Lyon County commissioners in March approved the tax increase for the jail, as well as a plan to expand and remodel the jail in Yerington, while still maintaining the option of building a new one should the county's financial situation improve.

The county expects to raise $1 million per year from the tax, over 20 years, to pay for $18 million in bond issues, according to Lyon County Comptroller Josh Foli. The county would add $6.2 million from the Surplus Building Maintenance Fund.

Stark has said the money would go first to a remodel and expansion of the Yerington jail and, if possible, construction of a free-standing facility in Silver Springs.

Stark said the jail, once expanded, would have 164 new beds, in addition to the 52 it has now, and that spending $18 million is what the county can afford.

The tax increase would put the county's sales tax at 6.75 cents, the same as Douglas County and less than Carson City, Washoe County and Storey County.

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