Deputies warn of possible scam

A man and woman in a white sedan are believed to be cruising around Carson City looking for unsuspecting elderly people to scam, said Sheriff's Detective Bob Motamenpour on Thursday.

He said he recently received a report from the son of a Carson City woman, who stated that his mother had been approached by a couple, described as Hispanic, who offered to do work on her home.

The couple agreed to seal the woman's driveway and paint her fence for $500. Though they completed the tasks, said Motamenpour, the work was subpar and the couple appeared to be working without a contracting license.

Also, paperwork that the woman filled out had all of her information on it, but no information for the couple, he said.

Motamenpour said at one point, the female went inside the elderly woman's home and appeared to be "casing" the house to possibly come back at a later date to burglarize it.

Motamenpour noted that no crime has been committed.


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