Lyon County Commission: Commissioner District III candidates

Name: Gary Gordon Gladwill

Age: 38

Profession: General Contractor-Small Business Owner

Education: High School Diploma

Political Experience: None

I was born in Fallon NV, and grew up in various small towns in Nevada, Montana, and California. I reside in Mark Twain, and have a lovely wife, and three children ages 18, 17, and 4 (Whoops starting over). I started in the construction industry in 1988 in Carson City NV and have worked in construction since. I have worked over-seas as a major concrete foreman in North Africa (Algeria) for Bechtel, and as a project manager for Chevron Corporation in Tengiz Kazakhstan. Since I came back from Central Asia in 2003 I have worked as a Contractor in the Northern Nevada Area.

I was arrested in 1998 for a wet reckless.

My vision for the Lyon County of the future is a county which is responsive to the needs of both its citizens and businesses through "proactive" policies (cutting red tape ect..) which will help businesses and the community at large thrive.

The Three most important issues that Lyon County will face in the next couple of years are:

The County must be fiscally responsible by staying within its budget during this economic downturn so that the government does not become a burden to the people.

In the next couple of years the County must foster a proactive business atmosphere to build the Counties storefront and residential developments, thus increasing the Counties tax base. Business development is greatly needed in Lyon County, and through proactive policies by the county government Lyon County can be the next commercial business hotspot.

In general I think the third problem area in Lyon County as well as the rest of Nevada that should be addressed more stringently is the rampant drug problem (Meth use) and the crime that is inherently associated with it.

If the County were to face budgetary problems in the future, then yes I would consider lay-offs as part of the solution. Government should be run like a business and positions within the county that do not affect life-safety issues should be evaluated and eliminated as needed to keep the county government fiscally in the black.

I think that the crime rate in Lyon County is basically the same as in the rest of Northern Nevada excluding the metropolitan areas, but I am not a law enforcement professional and I am sure that if the Sheriff needs more officers in his endeavors he will address the commissioners with his needs.

As with any County, Lyon County has its Pros and Cons. I tend to believe that we are viewed by the vast majority of Northern Nevadans as a rural county, and that impression is not a bad one. Lyon in the past ten years or so through continued growth has started to shake this viewpoint and I believe with continued business development and growth some of the properties along the Highway 50 corridor will be improved and re-developed.

I was not under the impression that Lyon County was offering monetary incentives to businesses, but if the County was I would be in favor of it 100%. A temporary incentive today builds a lasting sales tax revenue dollar for the future.

I believe that the Libraries in Lyon County are adequate for the needs of the citizens at this time. From my experience having just had a son graduate from High School in Lyon he never lacked for reference material when needed. I feel that the libraries in Lyon are well run (Staffed) and stocked for the present needs of the community.

I feel that parks are a little lacking within certain parts of the county, but are a convenience for the people and not an essential item. Perhaps in the future more parks may be built jointly by the county and developers, but in this time of slow economic growth I would hesitate to spend any taxpayer dollars on conveniences.

In closing as you can see from my above answers to the questions put to me, I am a Conservative businessman and if elected would do my best to serve the people of Lyon County, by keeping the county out of your business and pocketbooks as much as possible, and to keep the county within a budget that everyone can live with.


Name: Don H. Tibbals

AGE: 76 years old

Profession: General Engineering Contractor

Education: High School, Plus

Political exp: Working with the City of Yerington, and Lyon County thru the permitting process for over 40 years, along with experience as Lyon county Commissioner since 2004

I have been married to Joy for 35 years; 8 children, 27 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. A resident of Lyon County for over 57 years. I am a successful businessman, I have been a General Contractor for over 45 years. I am a Korean War Veteran. I have served as President of the Chamber of commerce and was very active with the Rotary Club. I have been a volunteer at the Health Fair's, and have contributed to and help build the fair grounds. Our Recreation Hall, along with our assistance provided shelter and assistance for hundred's in need during the Yerington flood of 1997.

I have never been arrested.

My Vision for Lyon County of the future: More housing , more businesses, along with mining, and more diversified farming. Good Job's to keep our youth in our County.

The three most important issues Lyon County will face in the next three years in my opinion are: less revenue , a bridge at Dayton, a decline in building along with a decline in sales tax.

Budgetary problems, I would consider layoffs as part of the solution

The level of crime in Lyon County is great in some areas, with little in other areas; law enforcement would be the one to address this issue, bringing the results to the Commission for enactment.

Impressions made on visitors in Lyon County depends on their needs and what they are looking for, I believe we have both good and bad.

To improve Lyon counties first impressions I believe in a willingness to help and welcome

Attracting a monetary incentive, No I do not support this incentive when it costs the tax payers, it is a rare occasion when it does not. We need to do more to support and keep some of the existing businesses we have. To attract new businesses they should be more positive, willing to listen to the concerns of applicants having a positive attitude. They should expedite the time frame in getting them going .

Lyon County Libraries in my opinion are not adequate

I believe parks in Lyon County are adequate, the Lyon County Budget cannot handle any further expenditure on maintenance of parks.

I have been in business for more than 50 years, working with roads, bridges, pipelines ,water and sewer . I understand the issues, ask question do my home work and stay involved. I listen to the tax payers, hearing the problems of the farmers and the business people keeping an open mind and being fair.

I work for the people, trying for a better relationship and understanding between the County and the public , looking carefully at both sides of the issue. I have tried diligently to keep taxes from increasing, trying to cut expenses and unnecessary waste.

I do not believe in big Government, the people need to be heard.


Name: Rick Zierenberg

Age:61 yrs.

Profession:District Attorney Investigator/Code Enforcement Officer

Education:AA degree - major in Criminal Justice/minor in Geology & Oceanography

Political Experience:

Silver Springs Advisory Board - Past President

Central Lyon County Park Board - Past Vice President

Yerington Healthy Smiles Dental Clinic board - Past President

Central Lyon County Fire Protection District Board - Current President

Born in Erie, PA in August 1946. Lived on my Grandfather's farm for seven of my first 10 years, then moved to So. Calif. Graduated high school in 1964 and spent 4 yrs in the U.S. Air Force and I am a Vietnam vet. Joined the Los Angeles Police Dept. in 1970 and retired as a Detective Sgt. in 1998, during which time I was a supervisor for 22 of those 28 years.

Community involvement: see above, plus starting the first full time Code Enforcement Program in Lyon county in 2002 and appointed as the First District Attorney Investigator in 2007. Retired to Silver Springs in 1998 to join my parents who have lived in Silver Springs since 1983.

Married to Pam, 31 years, 5 children, 9 grandkids.

Have you ever been arrested? No

Describe your vision for the Lyon County of the future..A county that will be able to maintain the advantages and quality of life of living in a rural community.

List the three most important issues Lyon County will face in the next few years:

1. The lack of adaquate funding for future county budgets.

2. Maintaining adaquate water resources for current and future community and economic development.

3. Having the funding to improve and maintain necessary personel & equipment in the area of public safety and emergency services.

If the county continues to face budgetary problems, would you consider layoffs as a part of the solution? You cannot take any option off the table in a budgetary crisis, but it would be a last resort.

How would you characterize the level of crime in Lyon County, including gang-related crime? do you believe the city needs more law enforcment officers?

Crime is on the rise in Lyon County and will continue to do so until present personel numbers can be increased. Lyon County is experiencing the first stages of gang activity that will only continue to get worse unless properly addressed. Gangs are at our doorstep in both Carson and Washoe counties and will eventually spread in large numbers to lyon county.

What impression do you think Lyon County makes upon visitors? What things can be done to imporve Lyon's "first impression?"

The impression is mixed depending on where you are looking in the county. Ranging from an extremely good impression is certain areas to a not-so-good, but improving, impression in other parts of the county.

Impressions will improve by continuing with the code enforcment program and improving a sense of pride in local communities.

The city has recently attracted retailers by offering monetary incentives. Do you support this policy? If not, what strategy do you believe the city should use to attract businesses to locate here rather than in nearby communities? Yes, I support the policy and other policies that create a business friendly environment while maintaining a balance with community needs.

Do you believe Lyon County Libraries are adequate? Why? No, and won't be until adequate funding can be found.

Do you believe Lyon County has an adequate number of parks and similar facilities? Why? Having served on the Central Lyon County Parks & Rec Board for several years, I feel that you never have enough parks, but I also feel that we need to lean toward larger and more centralized parks that are more cost effective and easier to maintain.

What else would you like to say to voter's about your qualifications and ideas.

I feel I have the experience and qualifications, having been brought up in a rural farming community and having lived in the big city, to maintain a good balance between the quality of a rural lifestyle and the necessity of sensible economic development. I have a proven record over the last 10 years of being able to give responsible representation to the communities I have served by making common sense decisions based upon community imput.


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